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Everyone, please read these rules! These rules are the guiding map we mods use to keep this community pleasant for all of it members. Because there are so many members in the community it is IMPORTANT that we follow the rules and be considerate of one another.

Please note that if you do not follow these rules in your posts or comments, we might have to end up deleting that post/comment. We do not like having to do this, so please follow the rules instead.

If there are people who simply behave too badly towards the community and it's members, we may have to ban that member, either temporarily as a warning, or permanently if there is no other choice.

If you other members see any breaking of the rules, please inform us mods about it! While we are able to monitor the actual posts, there is simply no way to keep track on the comments in all the community posts. We have no idea what is happening there, so unless you inform us about it, we can't know. Help us to keep this community a good place X3

An LJ community is different from other internet forums. When people are members in the community and they choose it to appear on their friends page, they are forced to see ALL of the posts that are posted there. This community has many members, please be considerate towards them. Before making a post, please remember that these people are not your own friends. Some things you can easily post in your own journal might not be appropiate for the community.

These rules are pretty much basic rules. If you have anything more specific you want to ask, or anything you want to be added to the rules etc just leave a comment here or some other way contact the mods. We're here to help you.

Just use common sense with your behaviour in the community. That alone should get you a long way. As long as you can bahave in a way that is considerate towards the rest of the members, we shouldn't be having any problems.

NO BASHING/FLAMING (includes both posts and comments of course)

No bashing/flaming the any of the boys of the group.

--> Even if one of them isn't your favorite, it doesn't give you the right to bash them. There is always someone who is going to hurt their feelings.

No bashing/flaming any of the community members.

--> No drama/fighting/bickering/insulting.

--> Anything that might be considered racist/discriminating/etc will lead to warning/banning depending on the seriousness of the insult.

No bashing/flaming any other JE boys either (includes juniors, debuted groups, ex-JE guys...)

--> Even if they're not in the group you like, others might like them and again we end up with people hurting their feelings and getting into fights.

No bashing people in general

--> Especially with dating rumors, people tend to start insulting the girls the boys are rumored to date. This is totally unnecessary. If they make the boys happy, why should we hate them? If you really call yourself a fan, shouldn't the happiness of the boy you support be the thing you want the most?

Yes, I know, freedom of speech and everything but this is a FAN community. Wiki: "Fan is someone who has an intense appreciation for something(s) or someone(s)". So fan community should be about the love we feel for our idols, not an excuse to create drama and make others feel bad. I want everyone to be able to express their feelings and opinions, but within good manners.

In short, just behave yourselves. Use common sense. Just because it's the internet and you can't see each other face to face it doesn't mean you should act any worse towards your fellow people than in real life. Please respect the other people like you would want them to respect you.


Do not use curse words excessively.

--> Yes, people curse. I'm not your mother so I'm not planning on washing your mouth with soap, I'm not saying you can't do that, but if every other word you write is f**k it's not nice to read. Especially refrain from cursing excessively in the actual posts, because the members will see that on their f-pages.

Don't tYpE LiEk TiS or sum otir wird way lik dis it's really annoying to read!

--> Also refrain from using "IM type shortenings" such as "sum1" for "someone" etc. It makes the text hard to read.

Do not use colored, huge, weird texts to make your post noticeable.

--> The communities have default text type for a reason. You changing it like that just messes the layout, and community members get pissed at having THEIR layouts messed by it too. You can use it on your own journal as much as you like and anger your own friends, but not in the comms where all the members are forced to see it.

TROLLING not allowed.

--> Trolling should always be reported to the mods. Serious trolling will cause banning from the community, as well as most likely banning from many other JE related communities since MODs in general are VERY much against this!

--> Anonymous commenting is still allowed in the community, but in case there starts being a lot anonymous trolling too, anonymous comments will be a)deleted b)disabled in the future - this same rule applies for bashing/other kind of bad behavious from anonymous commentors. Please report bad behaviour like this to MODs.


--> No pointless posts (you can make pointless comments as long as the person who made the post doesn't mind).

--> Please don't post something someone else posted already, unless there's anything significantly different.


--> Please do not post something that you might think will create drama in the community. Some issues are very hard for many people to handle, and argument and fighting will occur. If we see a subject that might create bad blood between members, we MODs may have to delete the post to keep the members from getting into arguments.


No useless posts.

--> No making posts that have no substance in them (those are to be left to your personal journal).


You must use an LJ-cut when:
- posting picture larger than 400x400 pixels
- posting a fic, a longer text, more than 5 downloads or anything else than takes a lot of space.
- posting icons (maximum 3 icons can be left outside lj-cut)
- posting thumbnails of scans (maximum 3 thumbnails can be left outside lj-cut)
- posting an online video (embedded video screens under a cut)

TAG you post!

--> Tags make it so much easier to navigate in the community.

--> Please check community Tags before making request/question/etc.

--> Detailed information on how to use each community tag, check HERE.

Do not disable comments.

--> There is no reason for that. If you're posting on a community, the members AND the mod need to be able to comment on the post. (Only members who have explained the reason to the MODs can disable comments, fe if you want to keep all the comments in the same place.)

Stay in topic.

--> We all love other JE boys than the group this community is about, but posts in this community are to be kept concentrating on that particular group.

--> In fanfics/-art/etc at least one of the main characters must be from this group.


--> You are allowed to advertise other relating communities/forums. You are allowed to advertice this other site once. More times than that will be considered spam.

--> You are allowed to make sales posts relating to goods of this group. You are allowed to make one sales post a week. If one member posts more times in a week it will be considered spam and will be deleted. If you have some certain reason why you need to post more times in just one weeks, contact the mods.

Make differnce between news and rumors.

-->If you have a news topic, link to the source where you got this information is required. Without official origin the info is considered rumor. Official information means either Johnny's Net or some other respectable and trustworthy source.

--> Official announcements from JE are news shows in respected newspapers or TV broadcasts. Articles published in random tabloids are rumors!

Use English

--> Not all of us speak English as the first language (I don't) but all of us can understand that, so please use only English when posting. If you are poting in some language we mods can't read, we have no way of knowing what the post is about so we have to delete it in case it's inappropiate.



--> This can get you AND this community in serious trouble!

--> This rule only goes for "requesting" such material. If you want to post something like that on your own will and own responsibility, knowing what you are doing, you can do it of course, as long as you keep the post locked.


--> Posting things like that openly could get the community in trouble.

--> Failure to lock these kind of posts will receive a notification from the MODs. Note that MODs cannot lock the posts for you, so you will receive a notification to lock it. If you still do not lock it, the post will be deleted. Please don't force us to delete the post and lock it yourself.

--> Also, posts requesting for downloads must be locked. If someone posts a download as a comment, it's the same as if the post itself would include downloads.

You can leave a download post open ONLY if there are no actual downloads in the community post.

--> This means that you have posted the actual downloads/etc for example in your own journal and only provide a link there. The community is not responsible on what you post there so feel free to leave the posts open.

--> While you're alloved to post locked entries on the community, do NOT make a post with a link to some other locked post, saying you need to join/friend to download there! Don't post something like that in the community if you're not planning on sharing it with all the members whether they have friended you/joined your community. These kind of posts will be deleted.

--> We are allowing download etc posts that are linked to your journal with the notification that "this post will be locked in XXX days". However we do NOT recommend this. I understand people's want to lock the posts, but this will limit how long people will be able to access the files, so if possible, we'd recommend you to share the actual files in locked post in the community also. Or at least hopefully you are willing to share these files with people who are not your friends even after locking the posts if they ask for them.


--> These people have reason why they don't want you to do that. Make sure what the person posting the material has said and respect that. Some say you can repost as long as you credit, some say you don't have to credit and you can use them as you want, but some people don't want you reposting them at all! Respect their wishes! If you want to repost, ask permission from the original poster.

--> Failure to obey this rule will result into warning and in worst case banning from the community. We are very serious about this matter because it involves the hard work of some of the members being not being appreciated and being respectful towards them.


All fanfictions MUST include the following information:

--> Title, Author, Rating and possible Warnings (other info such as genre, plot etc optional and recommended)

--> All fanfiction MUST be rated accordingly!

--> For all fanfiction rated PG-13 or higher you MUST use the "adult content" option. Use +14 and +18 options to choose what age limit you want your fic to have.

Rating rules apply to everything that might be rated inappropiate for younger fans, not just fanfiction.

That's it. Hopefully you all read that and will follow the rules too. We mods can't observe everything, so if you see someone breaking the rules, please inform us. And please don't feel offended or anything for these. The rules are there to make the community work better and to secure we have less trouble in the future. Thoughts? Questions? Feel free to comment.
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