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JE sales [13 Apr 2017|05:37am]

Well, so I've decided to sell almost all my Johnny's goods.
For every 20€ you spend, I'll be giving you a 10% discount.
You must pay for the shipping cost. Once you've decided what do you want, I'll let you know of the different shipping methods and how much each of them costs (the shipping price depends on the weight of the package).
As for the payment method, I accept PayPal only (which would mean you'd have to pay an additional sum of 1€).
Payments should be done in 3 days after confirmation. If you have a problem tell me and we can delay those 3 days, but never more than a week.
I ship from Spain. Items will be sent within 6 business days after I get the payment.

Also if you choose a shipping method without a tracking number I'll be no responsible if the package doesn't reach to you.
All the goods are original, and bought in Kyoto, Japan.
To place your order, you need to complete this form and send it to MorfineCeres@yahoo.es:
E-mail address:
Goods you'd like to purchase:
Total Prize:
Should you have any doubts, feel free to ask!

Go here to view the items!!

JE RARE PAIR / RANDOM PAIR ANON MEME [18 Sep 2013|12:57pm]
1 starshine?edit

March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme [01 Mar 2012|12:08am]
March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme

JE ANON KINK MEME [17 Aug 2011|06:02pm]



March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme [03 May 2011|02:54pm]

March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme


[fic] One Thing That Is True - drabble [19 Jan 2011|03:18pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Title: One Thing That Is True
Author: wienda_chan
Pairing: AsakaxDaiki / InooxDaiki
Rating: PG
Genre: slightly angst
Summary: Three years since Asaka left Daiki broken hearted, without explanation, without words. Is his heart is change or still the same?
Warnings: un-beta-ed a.k.a horrible engrish (“ ̄^ ̄)v
a/n: my first post here.. i'm not a good writer, so please bear with me! and comment is appreciated ♥

No matter how many years go by, I know one thing to be as true as ever was.


JE Stuff for SALE [02 Sep 2010|09:10am]


Hi there! I’m currently selling some of my Johnny’s collection. Here are some of the items I have...

DiscographyCollapse )

Butais and Concert GoodsCollapse )

Books & PhotobooksCollapse )

Johnny's Family ClubCollapse )

MiscCollapse )


Feel free to check out my journal for more information. Thanks!

[Translation] Duet 2007.04/05/07/09 - JJ Goods Press [16 Feb 2010|05:29pm]

I needed a break from school stuff so did some old translations for a change X3 Four bits from the old J.J.Express corner JJ Goods Press! (I think it should be all there is of them?)

Daiki & Hasshi: miniature cars
Fukka & Kamei: portable game consoles
Inoo & Takaki: glasses/sunglasses
Takaki: accessories

Shopping for toys together...

Some performances by Johnny's Jr [09 Feb 2010|05:45pm]


Hi good day~!

I have uploaded some performances from old Shonen Club and Enbujyou’08:-

Kono hoshi de umarete


Performers:- Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2) , Inoo Kei (Hey!Say! JUMP) ,Matsumoto Kohei (Ex-Johnnys Jr),  Matsumoto Kouta (M.A.D)

Back dancers:-

Green:-  Nikaidou Takashi (Kis-My-Ft2), Hayashi Shouta (M.A.D/TheyBudou) , Yamamoto Ryouta (M.A.D/Butoukan/TheyBudou), Inaba Hikaru (MADE)

Yellow:- Akiyama Taiga(MADE), Takahashi Ryu (MADE/TheyBudou/Playzone09 "I'll be back boy" XD), Yamashita Takumi (MADE)



Performers:- Kis-My-ft2, ABC,Ya-Ya-Yah, Hey!Say!7, J.J.Express, Johnny’s Jr, Uekusa Yuta, Katou Kan

Baby Babe


Performers:- Ya-Ya-yah (Yabu Kouta, Ayukawa Taiyou, Yamashita Shoon, Yaotome Hikaru)

Back dancers:- Mis-Snow-Man, Yasui Kentarou, Funabiki Kenta

With love


Yamamoto Ryouta, Fujima Takahiko, Itou Junpei, Yasui Kentarou,Kyomotou Taiga

Feel free to download at my journal ( hikaeru     ) : Performances by Johnnys Jr

P/S: Mod please delete this entry if it’s not allowed here.. Sorry m(_ _)m


[SC] 20061210 J.J. Express - Shounen no Mama + Carnival Gannibaru [17 Jan 2010|07:07pm]



I subbed the old performance of J.J. Express singing Shounen no Mama and Carnival Gannibaru; you can get it HERE

[Translation] Wink Up 2005.02/03/06 (Fresh Jrs: Hasshi, Takaki, Fukka) [24 Nov 2009|01:42pm]

I've been translating some more old interviews again, so here are some JJE boys from their Fresh Jr times almost 5 years ago (among some other juniors) ^_^

Wink Up 2005.02: Hasshi, Takaki, Fukka, Sanada
Wink Up 2005.03: Hasshi, Takaki, Fukka, Sanada, Ikki, Ryutaro
Wink Up 2005.06: Hasshi, Fukka, Ryutaro, Yamada, Ikki, Abe

All of them here

Carnival★ガンニバル [Raw & Karaoke Spanish & English] [16 Nov 2009|12:27pm]


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hi Girls & Boys, Today i bring to you the Carnival★ガンニバル video
this was a small part in Shounen Club, Shokura, of 2007.06.03
[Raw & Karaoke Spanish & English]
this was another request

Shounen Club 2007.10.14 [HS7J/tapkids/J.J.express] [Video] [11 Nov 2009|12:17am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Shounen Club 2007.10.14 [HS7J/tapkids/J.J.express] [Video]

some people ask me about the Shakalaka video,
and today i have time to cut the video, and upload  the medley
i really love this old video, and i think it's difficult to find.

Chibi Ryosuke, Ryutaro,yuto,chinen
Inoo solo voice and Daiki, Hashimoto and takaki with the J.J.Express

J.J. Express Songs MP3 [30 Oct 2009|11:35am]


i made a Fan compilation Album for the songs of J,J,express
some songs like Shakalaka, Shounen no mama, Love me baby, Carnival and other good songs
22 Songs with Inoo,Daiki, Yuto, Yamada, Ryutaro, Chinen, Takaki, Kohei , Hasshi and others~

[Download here] (Livejournal)
[Download here] (Blogger)

[Translation] Wink Up 2004.10 & 2004.12 (Asaka, Takaki, Hasshi) [01 Oct 2009|08:32pm]

I translated couple Fresh Jr interviews from old magazines from 2004! October and December issues. Takaki appears in both, Asaka appears in the first one, and Hasshi appears in the second one. (They were such babies back then! XD)

Those who'd be interested, please see them here ^_^

J.J. Express Lives 2003- 2005 [ PArt.1 ] [26 Aug 2009|11:43pm]


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hi Mina!~~ today i upload some videos of
the J.J.Express years 2003 to 2006
12 videos lives of JJExpres
with a lot og Chibis Yutos, Daikis, Inoos <3

[Download here]

HEY! SAY! BEST & Jrs Videos. [16 Jul 2009|12:52am]


hi today i upload some videos of HSJ, Yayayah, J.J.Expres and more Jrs.
please see it and Download

[Here] in my Lj.

deliciae_rp; a Japanese Artists RPG [08 Jul 2009|07:21pm]



deliciae_rp; a Japanese Artists RPG

Deliciae Boutique, hidden in Tokyo, is open 24 hours a day, 2 days a week. Each Friday and Saturday this specialty shop offers customers the chance to try on anything from a Venetian Carnival mask to a peg leg and an eye patch. Just for fun, and never (it seems) with intent to buy, anyone is welcome and everyone is encouraged to try an outfit before closing.

But what happens when one looks in a mirror and discovers they are what they wear?

Mis Snow Man Community Advertisement [23 Jun 2009|06:30pm]

Because Fukka was from J.J Express, so I'm also posting it here. I hope this is okay.. For those who haven't know already, Mis Snow Man is Fukka's current unit :)

mis_snow_man mis_snow_man mis_snow_man

Let's give them love since they deserves it ♥

Sorry, x-posted

[09 Jun 2009|08:16am]

[ mood | bouncy ]


I'm one of the Administrators at Ayama Academy RPG, I hoped I might be able to advertise here because Ayama is mostly JE/SM. Currently most JE members are free. I'm hoping to have J.J. Express members playing soon.

School Story-

The prestigeous Ayama Academy of the Arts is nearly 115 years old and it's located in Hokkaido, Japan. It's 35th principal is Inohara Yoshihiko. He has been groomed his entire life to lead this school. The Academy has been in his family for generations, it is dedicated to grooming the best students to enter any art field. He hopes to fulfill the expectations his familly has for him as well as making sure this is a fun place. Now accepting Applications for official school opening June 22, 2009.

School site

Now accepting Applications for official school opening June 22, 2009.


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